Das probably is aware of the 6-yearly text-books revision that was carried out by Cal Dept of Education (CDE) in the last quarter of 2005, when it was agreed by many, including the historian, Michael Witzel, that the so-called Aryan invasion be now called a migration. [61] They further noted that "the direct lineal descendants of the Neolithic inhabitants of Mehrgarh are to be found to the south and the east of Mehrgarh, in northwestern India and the western edge of the Deccan plateau", with neolithic Mehrgarh showing greater affinity with chalocolithic Inamgaon, south of Mehrgarh, than with chalcolithic Mehrgarh.[61]. Of course, the British Raj was the culprit, and as the proverb goes, 'Ruler writes history'. Rig-veda, Book 1, Hymn 162, Verse 18 - Ashwamedh Yagna, to honor a horse, after serving the ruler, was being carried out. Dr S R Rao, formerly the head of the Archaeological Survey of India, was free of the narrow vision of the past Indo-logists. However, he was bent on finding the truth about the creators of the caste system - The Aryans. [95] Hinduism can be regarded as a religious and cultural fusion[79][note 3] or synthesis[81] between ancient Dravidians and Indo-Aryans, and other local elements. Has the British rule anything to do with the creation of Aryans and Dravidians? They failed miserably in this task. The Coptics adopted Greek script and language. The changes were made to the education system - to replace the old and ancient system of education and her culture, thus break the very backbone of this nation as Lord Macaulay predicted. Ararat. a pictographic and linear script, as far back as 1556. (10) The Santal and Bhuiya tribes both speak Mundari, whereas the Oraons speak a Dravidian language. had 4582% Iranian farmer-related ancestry and 1150% AASI (or Andamanese-related hunter-gatherer ancestry). Drunk Driving: Awake at the Wheel. In the last century or two, cross-breeding has taken place in the West. Whatever the purpose of these societies, the universities were not to be left behind. Demonstrative pronouns represent the gender differences best. 1942), it is stated that 'it is important to remember that Aryan denotes the primary language, from which many different ancient and modern languages are descended'. The information below may be of some help to understand better. [25] They were preceded by a mixture of AASI (Ancient Ancestral South Indian, i.e. Because the original meaning of the word Aryan has not been kept pure and there are additional races living in the region, the entire population of northern India cant be characterized as Aryans. Once, it was decided among the wise and the learned that, as it has become necessary, Agatsya Muni should be authorized to locate an area where educational activities can be carried out, in safety and in peace. [123] Dance forms such as Bharatanatyam are based on older temple dance forms known as Catir Kacceri, as practised by courtesans and a class of women known as Devadasis.[124]. Text-book Revision, where the historians agreed to call, 'migration' in place of 'invasion' of/by the Aryans, amply justified the above saying. [8] According to Krishnamurti, Proto-Dravidian may have been spoken in the Indus civilisation, suggesting a "tentative date of Proto-Dravidian around the early part of the third millennium. The Ark landed itself on to Mt. This designation is not restricted by the shade of the skin, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, profession nor sex. The Portuguese already had a foot-hold in Goa, the Capital of their Eastern Empire. People came from far off countries for education at institutions, such as Taksha-shila and Nalanda. [88] According to Erdosy, the most plausible explanation for the presence of Dravidian structural features in Old Indo-Aryan is that the majority of early Old Indo-Aryan speakers had a Dravidian mother tongue which they gradually abandoned. Thus, the ground work was already laid when Lord Macaulay visited India around 1835 to study the educational needs of the Indians. [46], Several studies have shown that the Indian subcontinent harbours two major ancestral components,[24][47][48] namely the Ancestral North Indians (ANI) which is broadly related to West Eurasians and the Ancestral South Indians (ASI) which is clearly distinct from ANI. South Asian Studies, 13(1), pp 8797. South India is surrounded by sea on three sides, where as North India has always been more accessible to the adjoining countries, to and fro movement of the people was continuously taking place. With the growing influence of Persian and Sufi music on Indian music, a clear distinction in style appeared from the 12th century onwards. [8] South Dravidian I (including pre-Tamil) and South Dravidian II (including pre-Telugu) split around the eleventh century BCE, with the other major branches splitting off at around the same time. The most notable Carnatic musician is Purandara Dasa who lived in the court of Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire. [117][118][119] Traditional Dravidian architecture and symbolism are also based on Agamas. Dept. Aryans constitute 72% of the Indian population and the rest is made up of Dravidians. [64], The Indus Valley civilisation (2,6001,900 BCE) located in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent is sometimes identified as having been Dravidian. His followers, upon misbehaving, became the victims of God's anger, resulting in the Great Flood of 2350BC. The Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal was formed in 1784 with a committee of 30 European members, under the Patronage of Governor General Sir Warren Hastings and the first president Sir Wm Jones. The Europeans observed that many of the Sanskrit words had uncanny resemblance to the words in many of the European languages. After going trough the books thoroughly, his comments were as follows: 'As far as the Rigveda is concerned, there is not a particle of evidence suggesting the invasion of India by the Aryans from outside India'. (2019), early Dravidians formed as a mixture of Ancient Ancestral South Indians ("AASI" indigenous South Asian hunter-gatherers distantly related to the Andamanese and other East Eurasians), and Neolithic west Asian farmers from Iran. The participants being the Jews, Christians Muslims and the Hindus, it was decided, with the agreement of more than 50 well known historians, that the Aryan Invasion Theory be called the Aryan Migration Theory. It was the people from outer world to come down and create this magical cities as the indigenous had no capacities. Theatre-dance traditions have a long and varied history whose origins can be traced back almost two millennia to dance-theatre forms like Kotukotti, Kaapaalam and Pandarangam, which are mentioned in an ancient anthology of poems entitled the Kaliththokai. 2022 Beckoning-cat.com. Thus, the blue-eyed people of Major Yeats-Brown, turned into groups of different blood, all speaking a common tongue, the Mother of all Indo-European languages. WebHistorical language contact between the Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages of South Asia has been written about extensively. As we know, the God was concerned about the intentions of the humans, now gave them different speeches, made them quarrel with each other, and The Great Dispersion took place in 2000BC. [86] While J. Bloch and M. Witzel believe that the Indo-Aryans moved into an already Dravidian-speaking area after the oldest parts of the Rig Veda were already composed. Thus, the river is no longer a mythical river. All rights reserved [111], Among the early Dravidians, the practice of erecting memorial stones, Natukal and Viragal, had appeared, and it continued for quite a long time after the Sangam age, down to about the 16th century. I thought, if at all, the word is related to the word Iran, the correct word should have been Iranian, meaning the people coming from Ira-n, i.e. The number words for 11 to 19, 21 to 29, and so on are formed by compounds of words for 10 or 20 followed by the words for 1 to 9e.g., *paHt-ontu 11 and *pat-i(n)- mu:ntu 13. Compounds meaning two-ten, three-ten, four-ten, for example, denote 2 10, 3 10, 4 10e.g., *iru-paHtu 20, *muH-paHtu 30, and *nal-paHtu 40. Proto-Dravidian *ntu 100 is the highest numeral reconstructed. Wouldn't you wonder how did this mega change occur in just 175 years? Lockard: "The encounters that resulted from Aryan migration brought together several very different peoples and cultures, reconfiguring Indian society. Thus, the statement that we stated off with is not applicable to the people of South India. Ritual worship was also given to kings. ANI formed out of a mixture of "Indus Periphery-related groups" and migrants from the steppe, while ASI was formed out of "Indus Periphery-related groups" who moved south and mixed further with local hunter-gatherers. Thus, there has to be some genetic relationships, however, the statement from the researchers was that, 'they could not discern the geographic origin of that population from their data' (India West). The numerals 1 to 5 and 8 to 10 consist of one of several roots plus one of three fused neuter morphemes, *t, *tt, or *k, thus *on-tu (roots *r/*or-, *on-) 1; *ir-a-u (*r/*ir-V) 2; *muH-n-tu/*m-n-tu (*muH-/*m-) 3; *nl-n(kk)u (*nl/*nal-V-) 4; *caym-tu (*cay-) 5; *e-u (*e-) 8; *paH-tu (*paH-) 10. It is then stressed that 'it does not mean a common racial stock' and further explains that 'they were of different blood'. The details about the horse is very interesting, too. There is no bigger punishment for the Europeans and their hisptorians for creating such a FICTION to harm people of other race and their culture. [73] Parpola led a Finnish team in investigating the inscriptions using computer analysis. According to Narasimhan et al. Upon returning to England, he addressed the British Parliament on February 2nd, 1835 as follows: 'I have traveled through the length and breadth of India, and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think, we would ever conquer this country, unless WE BREAK THE VERY BACKBONE OF THIS NATION, WHICH IS HER SPIRITUAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE'. He was seen naked by his son Ham, who became the victim of his father's curse - all his progeny would be as dark as night and serve the descendants of Shem and Japhet. The basic forms of numerals have neuter (others) agreement; a human suffix *-war or a derivative thereof is added to numeral roots when they classify the human category. [27] Traders and religious leaders travelled to southeast Asia and played an important role in the cultural Indianisation of the region. White skinned people of the world are late comers. We don't demand any better! The journey was going on smoothly, suddenly they came across an obstacle - a competion was on between Mount Vindhya and Mount Meru - who is the tallest? Would the ancestors of these 16th, 17th century Europeans have any different characters? Thus when the Aryans the Invisibles, sorry, the Invincible, came to India, the river did not exist. There probably always existed linkages among the people living in various parts of the world. The lungi consists of a colourful checked cotton cloth. The authors found that the respective amounts of those ancestries varied significantly between individuals, and concluded that more samples are needed to get the full picture of Indian population history. This proves Aryan invasion theory was wrong. The white race that entered India was called Aryan, because they came via Iran. The earliest Dravidian literature that we know, the Tamil Sangam Poems of the early The forms *ctu (*cat-V-) 6 and * (*e-V-) 7 are also used with neuter agreement. (2019) shows that the native South Asian genetic component is distinct from the Andamanese and thus that the Andamanese (Onge) are an imperfect and imprecise proxy for "ASI" ancestry in South Asians (there is difficulty detecting ASI ancestry in the North Indian Gujarati when the Andamanese Onge are used). He collected all the possible different signs on the seals - separated them between simple signs and letters with additional signs. Originally saris were worn bare, but during the Victorian era, women began wearing blouse (called a ravike) along with sari. that is " they come from south russia through iran" not "from iran", persians are a semitic people, original aryans were probabely an Ural-Altaic people since if u study the history u will see that almost every white immigration has begun from that vicinity, the mahabratara (or what ever is its name!) It was impossible to cross, however, Vindhya had great respect for the Muni, he agreed to lower its heights to allow them to cross, and further agreed that he would stay at that height to allow them to return when the task is completed. The importance of the above is that Equus Sivalensis, the South-East Asian breed have 17 pairs of ribs, where as, the Central Asian and European horses, called Equus Przevaalskii, have 18 pairs of ribs. One cannot have a better example of the historicity of the event that occurred few years after, as well as the scientific knowledge to be able to forecast an event with such accuracy. [82][80][83][84], Ancient Tamil grammatical works Tolkappiyam, the ten anthologies Pattuppu, and the eight anthologies Euttokai shed light on early ancient Dravidian religion. The ancestry of the ASI population is suggested to have averaged about three-quarters from the AASI and one quarter from Iranian-related farmers. The final element (predicate) in a sentence can be verbal or nominal. The President clearly expressed the intentions of this organization to be 'to achieve the general extension of our pure faith in Hindustan'. Its modern conception is based solely on reconstruction. Only accusative (*-ay, *-n), dative (*-[n]kk), and possibly locative can be reconstructed for Proto-Dravidian. These tribal Dravidian languages preserve more archaic forms than the literary Dravidian languages of South India. The French Egyptologist, Jean Francois Champollion, armed with the long inscription in three scripts, one of them being known - Greek - he managed to decipher the hieroglyphic script of Egypt. A C Bouquet in Comparative Religion - They were people very much the type of our Scandinavian fore-fathers, hard-fighting, heavy-drinking folk. Should not the history books be corrected as soon as possible? The river had dried up even before the arrival of the Illiterates. [20][24], Although in modern times speakers of various Dravidian languages have mainly occupied the southern portion of India, Dravidian speakers must have been widespread throughout the Indian subcontinent before the Indo-Aryan migration into the subcontinent. 469654 >>469652 even african 'people' look better than this monster There are many interesting points raised in your letter, perhaps some others may help us with those. The Jesuits and other Christian missionaries were there too. The Dravidian peoples, or Dravidians, are an ethnolinguistic and cultural group living in South Asia who predominantly speak any of the Dravidian languages. Aryans were fair skinned, tall, and spoke a different language from Dravidians who were dark, short and spoke Dravidian language. He found the word ARYA used 33 times in the whole scripture, and in each case, the use did not refer to an ethnicity or a race. Each of the Dravidian languages has developed several postpositions from independent words that indicate case meanings (e.g., near, up to, until, purpose, cause, above, below, by the side of). [101][102] The Sangam landscape was classified into five categories, thinais, based on the mood, the season and the land. He looked at the sound system of South Arabic and Old Aramaic age-wise, compared with the Indus script, and bingo, Dr Rao managed to decipher the Indus Script, and the outcome has been accepted, among others, by the University of California, Berkeley, in 1986. The formation of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal took place in 1784, that was followed by Socitie Asiatique of Paris in 1822, Royal Asiatic Society of G.B. [121], Literary evidence of traditional form of theatre, dance and music dates back to the 3rd century BCE. Previous literature, however, has focused largely on This mother goddess was conceived as a virgin, one who has given birth to all and one, and were typically associated with Shaktism. [93] The Agamas are Tamil and Sanskrit scriptures chiefly constituting the methods of temple construction and creation of murti, worship means of deities, philosophical doctrines, meditative practices, attainment of sixfold desires and four kinds of yoga. WebWith the Aryan race concept was contrasted the idea of what was called the Dravidian race equally erroneous as a racial term. [45] Nowadays, Tamils, Malayalis, Telugus and Kannadigas make up around 20% of India's population. A very interesting story about Agatsya Muni would explain the meaning of the word 'dravid'. The Aryans are trying to rule the world thjrough their International Aryan League. In the case of the Indus script, all the above factors were unavailable to the linguists, and they could not think of any other way, until the arrival of Dr. S R Rao, N Jha, and Rajaram on the scene after the independence. The corruption is an outright mismanagement of the nation's business. The last Ice-Age commenced to recede 10000 years ago (8000 BC). Over many centuries a fusion of. Such cattle are named Zebu (Bos Indicus). [51], Recent studies have shown that the proto-Dravidians were descendants of neolithic farmers, who are suggested to have migrated from the Zagros Mountains in modern-day Iran to northern South Asia some 10,000 years ago. This is very valuable material. One such place was India, protected from the chilling Arctic winds by the Himalayas, that also acted as a large reservoir of water. Some theories concern the direction of derivation between tami and drvia; such linguists as Zvelebil assert that the direction is from tami to drvia.[32]. The word 'Dravid" implies to a person who is the knower(drasta) of knowledge (Vidya), or a person from whom the knowledge flows. The temple is built in Dravidian style and occupies an area of 156 acres (631,000 m2).[28]. He further states that 'these were people very much the type of our Scandinavian fore-fathers, hard-fighting, heavy-drinking folk, with a certain contempt for the short dark races they conquered, since they called them Dasus or Dasyus - squat creatures, very much as Hitler spoke of those dwarfs of Prague. "[50] Because of this mixing, according to Reich et al., both ANI and ASI ancestry are found all over the subcontinent (in both northern and southern India) in varying proportions, and that "ANI ancestry ranges from 3971% in India, and is higher in traditionally upper caste and Indo-European speakers". These conquerors were interested in conquering parts in North India, dismantling the local cultures and pushing the indigenous Dravidian tribes of Dravidians towards thesouth. There are around 250 million native speakers of Dravidian languages. "[10] They may have been indigenous to the Indian subcontinent,[11][12][13] but origins in, or influence from, western Asia have also been proposed. I guess, the writers or speakers of the IVC script rode horses at the Indus. Jewish Wedding vs. Christian Wedding: Wedding Comparison, Narendra Modi vs. Nitish Kumar: Top CMs of India, Land of snake charmers to land of intellectuals: Transition of India, National Debt Of Portugal vs. Greece Compared. Aryans are Indo-European, but Dravidians are not. Murugan (also known as Seyyon) was glorified as the red god seated on the blue peacock, who is ever young and resplendent, as the favoured god of the Tamils. The dilema of the historians continue. There was scarcity of white women, too, resulted in the traffic in women. It must be, because we are Aryans the Barbarians, and Dravidians the Squat Creatures! Or were they all dark-skinned people? The as-yet-unexplained alternation between long and short vowels in personal pronouns could be a consequence of a laryngeal *H in the reconstructed forms, including *yaH-n, *yaH-m, *taH-n, *taH-m, and so on. Thank you, Mr Shah, for appreciating. [40] There are also hundreds of Dravidian loanwords in Indo-Aryan languages, and vice versa. Gandhari was from Gandhar (Afghanistan), Madri was from Madrid (Spain); Muni Pulestin went to the area now known as Palestine and Rishi Tamas settled on the banks of the river Thames; Russia was Rishi-alaya, and America was Amarice-puri; the river Mekong was Ma Ganga, and river Nile was Nil Ganga; the scriptures clearly, have indicated that the Sapt-Rishis went to every corner of the world to transmit knowledge and help the communities. All the historians belonged to the white race, the Europeans. One of the events mentioned in the Mahabharat is Lord Krishna's instructions to his Sarthi, to go to Dwarika to inform the citizens, of the imminent submergence of the city due to rise in sea-level. TNN / Sep 25, 2009, 01:16 IST. All that the other three did not do! Genetics and archaeogenetics of South Asia, Non-resident Indian and Overseas Citizen of India, History and Archaeology, Volume 1, Issues 12, "200-Year Drought Doomed Indus Valley Civilization", "The formation of human populations in South and Central Asia", "A-11 Individual Scheduled Tribe Primary Census Abstract Data and its Appendix", "Global Religious Populations, 19102010", "Do you speak Telugu? This expression is now come to be known as Frawley's Paradox'. The word Aryans was brutally used by Hitler during world war second to attain exclusion of Jews and other ethnicities from a specific group of Germans. Indian history has not yet been written by the original ionhabitants of India - the Dravidians. He had no intention nor interest to take any further steps. It is now upto the people of the sub-continent, whether they should fight amongst each other making COLOR an issue, thus, supporting the Divide & Rule policy of their past rulers, indirecly, in your words, the International Aryan League. In the plural the masculine pronoun was *aw-ar men (which could include women when referring to mixed groups) and non-masculine *aw-ay others (women, other animates, or things). This led to the loss of the original inclusive-exclusive difference (later restored through fresh innovations) and was followed by a restructuring of the pronominal system in the first person. These languages are Telugu, Malayali, Kannada and Tamil. The origin of the Sanskrit word drvia is Tamil. [89] According to Zvelebil, "several scholars have demonstrated that pre-Indo-Aryan and pre-Dravidian bilingualism in India provided conditions for the far-reaching influence of Dravidian on the Indo-Aryan tongues in the spheres of phonology, syntax and vocabulary. Nagalingam, Pathmarajah (2009). If the system in South-Central and Central Dravidian is understood to reflect the retention of the parent language, the shift of meaning in the plural in the other languages can be explained as a natural one from men to men and women (mixed groups) to women (exclusively), thus generalizing the meaning to any human group. [87], According to Thomason and Kaufman, there is strong evidence that Dravidian influenced Indic through "shift", that is, native Dravidian speakers learning and adopting Indic languages. All these negotiations are in respect of stories that these '19th century British Imperial science', and historians have created to demean the people and derogate their culture. Web(9) This is an anthropological study of the development of the mastoid process in the four ethnic groups of Pakistani races: Turko-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Scytho- Dravidian, and Aryo- Dravidian. The word Aryan has been related to 'white men like Semites' by Van Loon, 'Nordics" by Bouquet and 'people of different blood' by Weech. Aryans have mingled with the authentic Indian population, so no one can be characterized as a pure Dravidian or as a pure Aryan. The Religion of the Agamas. [122] Ancient literary works, such as the Cilappatikaram, describe a system of music. Alexander Cunningham, then Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, saw characters written on seals that had been found in the rubble'. In 1856, while the first rail-road through the Indus River Valley was being built, two brothers found the ruins of ancient cities in a jungle area. Isn't this similar to Aryan Invasion Theory! What do the historians say about the ancestors of the Aryans? One of the series of lies, was concerning the cultural shock - those invaders provided scriptures, language and the caste system. In fact, until the late 19th century most Kerala women did not wear any upper garments, or were forced to by law, and in many villages, especially in tribal communities, the sari is worn without the blouse. This was reflected in the demonstrative pronouns, which in the singular were masculine *aw-antu he (man) and non-masculine *a-tu other (meaning both woman and any nonhuman animate or thing). [9], The origins of the Dravidians are a "very complex subject of research and debate". And you are quite right, it is the innocent that needed to prove that he is not Aryan the Barbarian nor Aryan the Illiterate! He provided The Ark to his beloved Noah. According to Max Muller, the Mahabharat war took place in 1200BC. Birbal's reaction was in response to the King's decision not to reward a person who stood the whole night in a cold water-pool, finding an excuse that a candle was burning in a far-away window, and that he was getting heat from that light! You probably have umpteen nice things in you. religion inc traits combo, bbc anglia news presenters, short sister memorial quotes,
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